Discover the rich biodiversity of La Daviere Plage!

Discover the rich biodiversity of La Daviere Plage!

Our campsite offers a rich diversity of plant and animal species. There are no fewer than 25 different species of trees on our 3 hectare site. This vegetation attracts both forest and marsh fauna. The surrounding forest covers more than 2,260 hectares and possesses a rich forest ecosystem. It stretches from La Barre-de-Monts to Saint-Hilairede-Riez. As you stroll along its footpaths, you may catch a glimpse of dragonflies or oak jays. There are mainly holm oaks and various species of pine. 

This summer, we offer 100% Nature Animations to make you discover the fauna and flora of our campsite. Mini "green" classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Biodiversity Quiz and Photo Contest every week. 

Discover the Fauna and Flora of La Davière Plage

If you wish also to find out more about the beautiful biodiversity of our coastline, do not hesitate to visit the BIOTOPIA website, which offers activities about the forest, dune and foreshore. You can also download the following identification applications: MERLIN to help you recognise birdsong PLANTNET to identify flora INPN ESPECES will help you draw up an inventory of biodiversity and gain expert knowledge on species

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